Website terms of use
The website (from now on "the Website"), ownership of Virginia Anastasiadou of John, resident of Thessaloniki, with address Tsimiski 31 (from now on "the Company") offers its subject to visitors under the following terms and conditions:

A. General rules
1. The visitors of the Website have the responsibility of accessing to it and are responsible for any payment of fees to third parties that are connected with the access and stay to it (e.g. charges from of online services)
2. The Company is not guaranteed that the Website will constantly be accessible nor that the information included on it are always up to date and accurate. The Website does not include tips of any kind.
3. The Website and the sub visions thereof (texts, photos, graphics etc.) are being protected with intellectual property rights, with sole proprietor being the Company. Any copying, reproduction, public presentation, on request or any other use of the subject of the Website without previously written permission by the Company is forbidden.
4. The name of the space "" and the phrase "La Chef (Levi)" are part of the ownership of the company and are being protected from the provisions for the domain names and the distinctive features respectively.
5. The Website might be connected with others via pro links. The Company, the legal representatives or her employees carry no responsibility for any insult or damage that may occur from the visit and use of the websites that are connected to it. Visitors that are transferring to connected with the present websites, are acting with their own exclusive responsibility. Specifically, the Company, her legal representatives or her employees carry no responsibility for any insult or damage that may occur from communication or transaction with third party websites, that are connected via pro links with the Website.
6. Any action that might cause damage to the Website or might influence the availability or accessibility of the Website or is under any circumstances illegal or harmful or is related with illegal or harmful activity or purpose is forbidden.
7. It is forbidden to use the Website in order to copy, save, transmission or distribution of any material recommended or connected with spyware software, computer virus, trojan horse and infected with any kind malware computer.
8. Scraping, data mining, data extraction and data harvesting from the Website without written permission by the Company is forbidden.
9. The Company does not collect or process personal information of the Website visitors. The Website visitor provided that he accepts the send of the newsletter undertaken the relevant electronic request, consents to the saving and process by the email company, that registers for the periodic mission of informational material of the Company or its partners.

B. Cookies

1. Cookies are small files that are being stored in the hard drive of the Website visitors and correspond to files that are being saved to the server of the Website. They allow to the company to receive specific information related with the visitors of the Website. That information includes the type of server every visit of the Website uses, the type of computer, the operating system and the providers access to the internet he uses, the duration of stay on the Website and in every sector of it and technical information that assist the reproduction of the sound and picture on the Website. Cookies do not harm the computer, mobile device or the files of the visitor nor are they aware of any document or file that is saved on the computer or the mobile device of the visitor. With cookies the identity of the visitor cannot be exposed, however they may be used for the recognition of his computer.

c. Privacy
1. The Company or a third party (e.g. Google analytics) can save dynamic or static IP addresses of the visitors to the Website and their location.

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